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¬†Looking to brush up on your French language skills? If so, this Chatroulette alternative might be just the right fit for you! This site is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as a site can be really, because that’s all it is. It has no unique features, it’s just a straight up copy, BUT it’s a popular copy. This is one of those lucky sites that was able to successfully piggyback off of Chatroulette’s popularity to make themselves popular. It might sound almost too easy when I put it like that, but in reality it’s probably not when you think about it. You have to set the imitator up and make sure people know its available. And I’m not talking just a few people knowing about it, you have to find a way to get hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to know about it, or else there won’t be enough users online all day every day to make the site even work. It’s kind of like the whole chicken and the egg deal, a chat site can’t work without having enough users, but people won’t ever use it in the first place if it doesn’t have any users, so how do you get where you need to be? That’s what makes even starting a copy-site so difficult.

Anyway, enough about how Bazoocam became popular, let’s talk about how well it works. The software is good in the sense that it loads quickly and doesn’t throw errors in my browser. The webpage itself seems to react quickly when I try to access it, so that tells me the server is pretty quick. Thus, I would venture to say that you will have a relatively seamless experience, at least when you combine what I just noted with the fact that they always have plenty of people available to chat with. The site definitely has a focus on users based in France, but along with that focus Italy has also come into the mix, whether on accident or on purpose, I don’t know, but it is what it is. I can say that the top location from which you will meet people is going to be France, so this is the spot to find a hot French chick, assuming you get lucky (we all know how there are usually way more dudes on these kinds of sites, ha). If you want to give Bazoocam a visit, go to