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¬†This website is actually the true inventor of random chatting today as we know it. It all started back in 2008, when an 18-year-old decided it would be cool to connect two people at random for a one-on-one text chat session, and this happened before Chatroulette even existed. I can’t say for sure if the Chatroulette founder saw this site and then copied it, or if he came up with his version all on his own, but I can say with certainty that Omegle came first, albeit without video chatting. Anyway, because the concept was novel at the time, Omegle garnered quite a bit of viral media attention and was thus propelled to popularity in a short amount of time thereafter, where it stays today. Nowadays the site had to add its own video option in order to stay competitive, because live webcam streaming sessions have become the norm, but it hasn’t stopped there, it has added some of its own unique features on top of that basic necessity.

First, Omegle has added it’s own iPhone application for random chatting, although this is limited to text-only. Chatroulette actually tried to get a random video chat app accepted by Apple but it didn’t workout for obvious reasons, so that leaves Omegle as one of your few options (iMeetzu is another). ¬†Anyway, besides the app differentiator, Omegle also has a feature that allows users to input their interests, and then be connected to other people who have inputted similar interests. This is huge because before if you wanted to find someone to discuss a specific topic you were limited to sifting through endless random users until you POSSIBLY found a suitable partner. Now, your odds are much better of finding that right chat partner in a small number of tries. Furthermore, if you’re just looking for someone who you will have something in common with, and thus be more likely to make a new online friend, the feature also is quite helpful. In any case, there is yet another great feature that differentiates Omegle from the competition. It’s called “spy mode”, and what it does is allows you to pose a question and then watch two random users argue about what the right answer is, or just watch the entire discussion disintegrate into meaningless blabber – anything is possible really. The point is this is a really fun and entertaining option to mess with. So yea, check this website out at