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The Journey Begins Now

That is right, we are beginning the journey of reviewing and documenting the plethora of video chat sites on the internet so that we can make a comprehensive list and resource that will give you easy access to the best webcam chat sites in existence! How do we plan to do this? Well, quite simply, with a lot of work. We plan to take the work out of the search for you, by doing it ourselves, and creating this soon-to-be crazy cool website that will solve all your web chatting problems. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe you shouldn’t, I mean after all, this is the very first post and we have yet to fulfill the noted obligations, but, if you are somehow reading this right now and seeing we have nothing up yet to offer, just trust me when I say, WE WILL, and soon! This is just one of those first welcome-type kind of annoying but necessary posts you just kind of have to have, so yea, I think I’m about done now. Come back soon!