Random Chat Strangers

The other day I was surfing the internet like usual and I decided I should try and find a new website for random chatting with strangers. So, that’s exactly what I did, and after looking around quite some time I finally managed to come across a site I hadn’t seen before, Random Chat Strangers. This site offers multiple different chat room options for anyone who cares to visit it, which makes it extra cool compared to your average site like Chatroulette. If you want to go ahead and check it out rather than continuing to read, here’s a link: http://www.randomchatstrangers.com

Let’s start with video chatting – this site offers a typical random video chat room experience like you would expect at any Omegle-like website. There’s nothing really special about it, but then again, there’s not really anything special about any of the other similar sites either. The real difference between this site and other random chat apps is the other options available. So, let’s move on to those.

RandomChatStrangers.com offers a text chat experience that is super top notch. The key reason for it’s superiority compared to other similar services, is that it allows you to send and receive pictures! This is HUGE, because I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wanted to send images during text chat sessions before. The ability to effectively illustrate a topic of conversation or simply show your chat partner what you look like is far from trivial. In fact, it makes an absolutely massive difference, and is the reason why I will refuse to use any other text-only chat sites, including Omegle.

Finally, this website also offers a group chat room option. This is basically the same as an old fashioned chat room where everyone can see everybody else in the room. The key difference between this and the old fashioned version is that you can stream video cams if you want, as well as watch multiple webcams if you want, and there are also an assortment of other cool features. One of the other features is a fun credit system that allows you to do things such as send people gifts.

I think that about covers it, so make sure you go check them out! :)

Omegle Similar Random Chat Site

This article I want to discuss a really cool new chat website I found that is a lot like Omegle. The site, RandomSkip, has a random video chat option and also text-only, much like Omegle, but it also adds in an extra third option which is basically just like a typical chat room where you have a bunch of people all together in one room rather than the 1-on-1 style you have with the other two choices. However, for the purpose of this article I want to focus primarily on the text version. You might think you don’t care about anything that does not involve video streaming anymore, but text-only is actually still very popular. I think the reason for this is that people are tired of giving up so much privacy all the time, so they find themselves preferring to just stick to typed messages. The reason I like RandomSkip’s non-cam version so much is because they have added a bunch of great extra features, the most awesome of which is photo sharing! You can check it out now if you want: Random Skip Text Stranger Chat.

Anyway, if you decided to keep on reading, I guess I’ll dive into the importance of that extra feature. You see, typically when you’re having a conversation with someone and you can’t see them or visualize them at all, it’s really hard to get into the discussion in a meaningful way. At first you might find yourself kind of enjoying the mystery of not knowing, but eventually, as they say “curiosity killed the cat”, or in other words, not knowing could kill the potential connection you would otherwise have. This, of course, is where an easy-to-use simple picture sending capability comes in. They have it, and you will be glad it’s there and available for your usage when you find yourself super interested in knowing more about one of your amazing new friends! And, its use isn’t limited to simply visualizing the person you’ve suddenly become super interested in, you can also use it to send internet memes or other sorts of entertainment, or travel images, or whatever it is you want to do to spice up your conversations. The option to provide visuals is absolutely incredible in terms of what it can do to truly enhance your online chatting experience as you talk to strangers like a boss. But, don’t take my word for it, head on over the RandomSkip.com and find out for yourself!

Sites Like Omegle

Have you tried “spy mode”? We have, and we must say that it is nothing short of amazing, just like Omegle is in its entirety. We actually first came upon it way back before Chatroulette ever came out, when Omegle still had just a text only option, and at the time it was still a cool concept, but it just didn’t get quite as much media attention. Nowadays it has grown massively thanks to the addition of all its new features, but, we still find ourselves wanting to see what else is out there. I think it’s just in the nature of internet users to constantly look for something different, and thus, despite how much we like this site, we have to find more sites like Omegle. And, in short, we did! We researched all the best similar websites just for you, and here they are:

1. iMeetzuSee Our Review

This is the most similar site to Omegle in existence, in terms of the features it offers. iMeetzu provides both text and video random chatting options just like Omegle, and then additional features as well which include webcam chat rooms and a stranger social network, both of which are pretty sweet. Definitely give them a visit!

2. Chatrandom – See Our Review

If you’re looking for a site that rivals all the top roulette chat sites in terms of popularity, this is a great one. It only has cam chat options (no text), but it has a nice variety of choices which include the usual random video, group chat rooms, and something they refer to as multi chat.

3. Chatroulette – See Our Review

Any conversation about the best random video chat sites has to include this titan. No further description necessary.

4. Bazoocam – See Our Review

This is a plain and simple popular roulette video chat site. The key difference is most of the users are from France.

5. Camzap – See Our Review

Camzap has a random video chat service that is fast and clean, plus it’s own proprietary optional registration system with some cool features.

6. Stickam – See Our Review

7. Streamberry – See Our Review

8. Funyo – See Our Review

9. WebcamBam – See Our Review

10. Tinychat – See Our Review

Sites Like Chatroulette

We absolutely love Chatroulette, and we have been fans of it since the beginning! It pioneered random roulette video webcam chatting, and now the internet will never be the same (in a good way of course). However, as with any web service one falls in love with, you always find yourself wondering what other similar alternative options await you in the vast expanse of the world wide web. Could these other options have different feature sets that make for a change of pace, and possibly even an improved user experience? Are they even popular enough to keep things interesting with plenty of fresh faces? What’s the deal??!! Luckily for you, we already found them all. Yep, we found all the best sites like Chatroulette, researched them, wrote reviews on them, and put them in a nice list just for you! Here’s our awesome list:

1. iMeetzuRead Our Review

This site is pretty awesome. It has text only and video only random chat, along with a webcam group chat option, and a complete fully functional social network for connecting with strangers from all over the world. When you put it all together iMeetzu is super kewl, so check it out ASAP!

2. Omegle – Read Our Review

We love this site, and it was the first true inventor of random chat, although originally it was only text. Nowadays they have video as well, and something crazy cool called “spy mode” which you definitely need to give a try!

3. Chatrandom – Read Our Review

This is a newer member of the top most popular roulette video chat sites. It has additional features such as cam chat rooms and something they call multi chat. This site is quite fun, so give them a visit for sure!

4. Bazoocam – Read Our Review

Visit this roulette cam chat site if you want to practice your French – ’nuff said.

5. Camzap – Read Our Review

A cool Chatroulette alternative with some of it’s own unique features such as a relatively new optional registration system.

6. Stickam – Read Our Review

7. Streamberry – Read Our Review

8. Funyo – Read Our Review

9. WebcamBam – Read Our Review

10. Tinychat – Read Our Review


 Looking to brush up on your French language skills? If so, this Chatroulette alternative might be just the right fit for you! This site is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as a site can be really, because that’s all it is. It has no unique features, it’s just a straight up copy, BUT it’s a popular copy. This is one of those lucky sites that was able to successfully piggyback off of Chatroulette’s popularity to make themselves popular. It might sound almost too easy when I put it like that, but in reality it’s probably not when you think about it. You have to set the imitator up and make sure people know its available. And I’m not talking just a few people knowing about it, you have to find a way to get hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to know about it, or else there won’t be enough users online all day every day to make the site even work. It’s kind of like the whole chicken and the egg deal, a chat site can’t work without having enough users, but people won’t ever use it in the first place if it doesn’t have any users, so how do you get where you need to be? That’s what makes even starting a copy-site so difficult.

Anyway, enough about how Bazoocam became popular, let’s talk about how well it works. The software is good in the sense that it loads quickly and doesn’t throw errors in my browser. The webpage itself seems to react quickly when I try to access it, so that tells me the server is pretty quick. Thus, I would venture to say that you will have a relatively seamless experience, at least when you combine what I just noted with the fact that they always have plenty of people available to chat with. The site definitely has a focus on users based in France, but along with that focus Italy has also come into the mix, whether on accident or on purpose, I don’t know, but it is what it is. I can say that the top location from which you will meet people is going to be France, so this is the spot to find a hot French chick, assuming you get lucky (we all know how there are usually way more dudes on these kinds of sites, ha). If you want to give Bazoocam a visit, go to www.bazoocam.org.


 Funyo is a roulette webcam chat website with some other unique features. It was started I think sometime in 2011, and it has grown quite a bit in a pretty short amount of time, such that it now has an Alexa traffic rank somewhere in the 50k range, which is pretty good. From what I’ve been able to deduce this site may have the same owners as Chatrandom, because it used to sort of pull it’s random chat software from the Chatrandom domain name – you could tell when the video access prompt came up where it asks you if you want to let the software access your cam and shows the URL trying to do it, etc. Anyway, that’s an association I’m pretty sure exists, which makes sense, because this site was also marketed well, and has a lot of the same features. However, there are some pretty defining differences now, although at the beginning they were almost exact copies of one another.

The first major difference is that Funyo has a whole social network built in, which Chatrandom does not. Yes, a social network built on top of a stranger chat site, are they crazy? Well no, actually, because it’s already been done pretty successfully, just take a look at iMeetzu if you don’t believe me. But, to do it and make it work I think takes a lot of good moderation and good spam control. The problem is, from what I could see, Funyo doesn’t have either of those qualities, so they have their work cut out for them with regards to that stuff. I’m also not sure that it had enough cool features, it may be a little bit too basic, but it’s a pretty new offering so in all fairness they deserve time to get it to where it needs to be. The next kind of unique feature Funyo has is chat rooms based on location. However, nobody seems to use them. Luckily, they still have one group chat room running on the same software that has a lot of users online, and they also have another “multi chat” style service that also has plenty of people available, so you won’t have a problem finding people to chat with. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that yes, they have a usual roulette video chat option – I pretty much alluded to that with my opening paragraph, but thought I’d just make that clear here. You can visit Funyo at www.funyo.com.


 If you’re looking for a quality Chatroulette alternative, look no further. Streamberry has a great random roulette video chat service, and it’s becoming more popular by the week! Odds are you, like many people out there, have never even heard of this site. No worries, I hadn’t either until recently – I guess it’s kind of been hanging under the radar. At any rate, despite it’s “under the radar” classification, it has been pretty quickly building up a good-sized user base, to the point where now it qualifies as a roulette site worth checking out. In other words, it has achieved that all important critical mass that allows a chat site to always have enough people online to keep you entertained. The weird thing about it is I have no clue how it even started getting visitors in the first place because I haven’t seen a single advertisement for it or anything really, so who knows, maybe the owners have some kind of crazy cool magic marketing powers up their sleeves, but enough hypothesizing, let’s get on to the features.

As already noted, they have the random webcam chat option. If you check it out, you’ll find that the software is pretty good, and runs well without any errors, at least none that I noticed. Loading time also is pretty fast, so you won’t be sitting around getting frustrated from not being able to connect to their server or anything like that, but again, this is only my experience and I can’t be checking it out every hour of every day, so take what I say as you will. Um, also, I already basically made this point earlier but I’m pretty sure you won’t have any trouble finding enough people available to make the service random enough for your tastes. And with that, let’s move on to the next chatting choice. The second option you have is called “live cams”. You have possibly seen something similar to this on other sites such as Chatrandom, but what it is a show-focused live webcam feed group chat room. By show-focused, I mean that people are more concentrated on attracting as many viewers as possible than they are with having one-on-one chat sessions, unless of course I’m missing something but I didn’t really see a 1-on-1 option? Anyway, there are multiple rooms, you can watch multiple feeds at once, and you can put on your own feed. You can give all these features a try yourself at www.streamberry.com.


Chatrandom is a live video chat site that has grown in popularity massively over the last year. In fact, it’s grown so much in comparison to Sean Parker’s failure Airtime, that people like this Venturebeat Blogger are really starting to take notice. It’s kind of funny really, some unknowns beating out the famous billionaire and all his celebrity friends. It just goes to show that money and fame can’t fix a bad idea, bad business model, or poor execution. But why is Chatrandom winning the war? For starters, it could be anonymity. You see, Airtime requires you to connect your Facebook profile to your chatting persona. The anonymous nature of Chatroulette, in my opinion, is a huge part of what propelled it to the success it became. Chatrandom followed suit by maintaining anonymity, and Airtime did not. The loss of randomly being connected with anonymous users decreases the level of excitement, and makes people a bit anxious since they feel much more “watched”, if you will. Also, I think people like to have a certain level of separation between their internet activities and their real life activities, and Facebook is essentially part of their real life.

At any rate, it’s not just the anonymity that has made Chatrandom successful, since obviously they have to have a great set of features as well – and they do. First they have the typical roulette live webcam chat room, which runs smoothly on quick servers, and always has plenty of fresh faces online – you won’t be running into the same person more than once, unless you get lucky. Second, they have a chat rooms option. Each room has a max of 200 users, and many of them are completely or almost completely full. Once you’re in a room, you have the option to broadcast a live video feed / watch other feeds or stick to private video calls. Or, you can just stick text-only. But wait, the site has yet another third choice to satisfy your chatting needs. This one is called “multi chat” and it also has multiple rooms. This choice is more focused on putting on a live show and building up viewers, so you can see a listing of all the usernames and how many people are viewing each live cam feed. You can watch as many as four cams at once, as well as broadcast your own. If all this sounds cool, visit Chatrandom at www.chatrandom.com.


 This website was founded back in 2009 after Omegle but before Chatroulette, so it has definitely been around the block, but it still seems to be going strong. iMeetzu actually is one of the more successful random roulette chat sites still available, and I believe its very unique feature set is what has really set it apart the whole time from the competition. The most unique part of iMeetzu’s offering is probably its social network, which is in many ways almost like a mini-Facebook built on a community of strangers. Of course, it is a far cry from being Facebook, and it has plenty of unique properties such as the ability to say a post is “winning” rather than giving a “like” as you would on Facebook. The social network has a kind of old school vibe going on that is, dare I say, kind of exciting really. They roll out new features all the time, and there’s something about being involved in a site that is still a work in progress that makes it more fun. Also, the fact that it is a community of random roulette video chatters makes it all the more entertaining and unique. The site is popular enough to where you can always find plenty of people online and willing to chat with you via the self-developed instant messenger.

In terms of the random chat offerings, iMeetzu is not lacking in that department at all. First, they have their text-only version, which makes them basically the only roulette chat room site available besides Omegle to have separate text and webcam options. Like Omegle, they also have an iPhone app, but iMeetzu’s is free and they also have another free version for Android. Actually, this may be the only decently popular site to have a random chatting app for Android. Anyway, the next choice they have is the usual live streaming roulette video talk, which always has plenty of users on it to guarantee a good experience. Also, the software is solid, and running on fast servers, so no issues there. Finally, they have a group chat room option which is flash-based and allows you to both cam and text chat. You can have a live feed going that everyone can see, or you can just do private video calls, the choice is yours! In conclusion, iMeetzu is an all-around great website! Check them out at www.imeetzu.com.


 This website is actually the true inventor of random chatting today as we know it. It all started back in 2008, when an 18-year-old decided it would be cool to connect two people at random for a one-on-one text chat session, and this happened before Chatroulette even existed. I can’t say for sure if the Chatroulette founder saw this site and then copied it, or if he came up with his version all on his own, but I can say with certainty that Omegle came first, albeit without video chatting. Anyway, because the concept was novel at the time, Omegle garnered quite a bit of viral media attention and was thus propelled to popularity in a short amount of time thereafter, where it stays today. Nowadays the site had to add its own video option in order to stay competitive, because live webcam streaming sessions have become the norm, but it hasn’t stopped there, it has added some of its own unique features on top of that basic necessity.

First, Omegle has added it’s own iPhone application for random chatting, although this is limited to text-only. Chatroulette actually tried to get a random video chat app accepted by Apple but it didn’t workout for obvious reasons, so that leaves Omegle as one of your few options (iMeetzu is another).  Anyway, besides the app differentiator, Omegle also has a feature that allows users to input their interests, and then be connected to other people who have inputted similar interests. This is huge because before if you wanted to find someone to discuss a specific topic you were limited to sifting through endless random users until you POSSIBLY found a suitable partner. Now, your odds are much better of finding that right chat partner in a small number of tries. Furthermore, if you’re just looking for someone who you will have something in common with, and thus be more likely to make a new online friend, the feature also is quite helpful. In any case, there is yet another great feature that differentiates Omegle from the competition. It’s called “spy mode”, and what it does is allows you to pose a question and then watch two random users argue about what the right answer is, or just watch the entire discussion disintegrate into meaningless blabber – anything is possible really. The point is this is a really fun and entertaining option to mess with. So yea, check this website out at www.omegle.com.