┬áIf you’re looking for a quality Chatroulette alternative, look no further. Streamberry has a great random roulette video chat service, and it’s becoming more popular by the week! Odds are you, like many people out there, have never even heard of this site. No worries, I hadn’t either until recently – I guess it’s kind of been hanging under the radar. At any rate, despite it’s “under the radar” classification, it has been pretty quickly building up a good-sized user base, to the point where now it qualifies as a roulette site worth checking out. In other words, it has achieved that all important critical mass that allows a chat site to always have enough people online to keep you entertained. The weird thing about it is I have no clue how it even started getting visitors in the first place because I haven’t seen a single advertisement for it or anything really, so who knows, maybe the owners have some kind of crazy cool magic marketing powers up their sleeves, but enough hypothesizing, let’s get on to the features.

As already noted, they have the random webcam chat option. If you check it out, you’ll find that the software is pretty good, and runs well without any errors, at least none that I noticed. Loading time also is pretty fast, so you won’t be sitting around getting frustrated from not being able to connect to their server or anything like that, but again, this is only my experience and I can’t be checking it out every hour of every day, so take what I say as you will. Um, also, I already basically made this point earlier but I’m pretty sure you won’t have any trouble finding enough people available to make the service random enough for your tastes. And with that, let’s move on to the next chatting choice. The second option you have is called “live cams”. You have possibly seen something similar to this on other sites such as Chatrandom, but what it is a show-focused live webcam feed group chat room. By show-focused, I mean that people are more concentrated on attracting as many viewers as possible than they are with having one-on-one chat sessions, unless of course I’m missing something but I didn’t really see a 1-on-1 option? Anyway, there are multiple rooms, you can watch multiple feeds at once, and you can put on your own feed. You can give all these features a try yourself at