Funyo is a roulette webcam chat website with some other unique features. It was started I think sometime in 2011, and it has grown quite a bit in a pretty short amount of time, such that it now has an Alexa traffic rank somewhere in the 50k range, which is pretty good. From what I’ve been able to deduce this site may have the same owners as Chatrandom, because it used to sort of pull it’s random chat software from the Chatrandom domain name – you could tell when the video access prompt came up where it asks you if you want to let the software access your cam and shows the URL trying to do it, etc. Anyway, that’s an association I’m pretty sure exists, which makes sense, because this site was also marketed well, and has a lot of the same features. However, there are some pretty defining differences now, although at the beginning they were almost exact copies of one another.

The first major difference is that Funyo has a whole social network built in, which Chatrandom does not. Yes, a social network built on top of a stranger chat site, are they crazy? Well no, actually, because it’s already been done pretty successfully, just take a look at iMeetzu if you don’t believe me. But, to do it and make it work I think takes a lot of good moderation and good spam control. The problem is, from what I could see, Funyo doesn’t have either of those qualities, so they have their work cut out for them with regards to that stuff. I’m also not sure that it had enough cool features, it may be a little bit too basic, but it’s a pretty new offering so in all fairness they deserve time to get it to where it needs to be. The next kind of unique feature Funyo has is chat rooms based on location. However, nobody seems to use them. Luckily, they still have one group chat room running on the same software that has a lot of users online, and they also have another “multi chat” style service that also has plenty of people available, so you won’t have a problem finding people to chat with. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that yes, they have a usual roulette video chat option – I pretty much alluded to that with my opening paragraph, but thought I’d just make that clear here. You can visit Funyo at