┬áThis website was founded back in 2009 after Omegle but before Chatroulette, so it has definitely been around the block, but it still seems to be going strong. iMeetzu actually is one of the more successful random roulette chat sites still available, and I believe its very unique feature set is what has really set it apart the whole time from the competition. The most unique part of iMeetzu’s offering is probably its social network, which is in many ways almost like a mini-Facebook built on a community of strangers. Of course, it is a far cry from being Facebook, and it has plenty of unique properties such as the ability to say a post is “winning” rather than giving a “like” as you would on Facebook. The social network has a kind of old school vibe going on that is, dare I say, kind of exciting really. They roll out new features all the time, and there’s something about being involved in a site that is still a work in progress that makes it more fun. Also, the fact that it is a community of random roulette video chatters makes it all the more entertaining and unique. The site is popular enough to where you can always find plenty of people online and willing to chat with you via the self-developed instant messenger.

In terms of the random chat offerings, iMeetzu is not lacking in that department at all. First, they have their text-only version, which makes them basically the only roulette chat room site available besides Omegle to have separate text and webcam options. Like Omegle, they also have an iPhone app, but iMeetzu’s is free and they also have another free version for Android. Actually, this may be the only decently popular site to have a random chatting app for Android. Anyway, the next choice they have is the usual live streaming roulette video talk, which always has plenty of users on it to guarantee a good experience. Also, the software is solid, and running on fast servers, so no issues there. Finally, they have a group chat room option which is flash-based and allows you to both cam and text chat. You can have a live feed going that everyone can see, or you can just do private video calls, the choice is yours! In conclusion, iMeetzu is an all-around great website! Check them out at