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Despite actually being founded after its top competitor Omegle, Chatroulette was the first random chat site to add video into the mix, and that ended up being a major enough difference to where it gained a lot more international notoriety than Omegle ever did when it first came out. Thus, Chatroulette is much more of a household name, despite actually currently getting less visitors a month than it’s top competitor. Of course, it wasn’t always that way, at first Chatroulette got way more visitors, but then Omegle added it’s own webcam option, along with other cool options, and now it has caught up and surpassed its more famous competition. Nonetheless, Chatroulette remains very popular, and seems to be holding steady at its current traffic levels, which amount to millions of visitors a month, so the site isn’t doing bad at all really. Anyway, that’s just a little history / competition info, but I suppose that doesn’t tell you much if you want to know more about the actual features this website provides assuming you’re new to the niche.

Basically, roulette video chatting is a setup where you press “start” or something similar and you are then randomly connected with the first available other user who has done the same thing for a live webcam chat session. However, there is a twist, at any time when you are connected to someone, either you or the person you are connected to can click a “next” button that skips to the next random person available. So, this can either help you out by allowing you to skip someone you don’t want to talk to, or it can hurt you by allowing someone to skip you who you may have liked to talk to. This is the norm, so you just have to get used to it really. Anyway, I personally think the whole concept makes for a fun time, especially when you try pranking people. If this sounds like something you would like to check out, visit the site at www.chatroulette.com.


This website was launched clear back in February of 2005, and it had a huge impact on making video chatting the success it is today. First off, registration is required to use the website, but it’s worth it. Requiring registration often makes a community safer and less likely to have as much inappropriate content, so for this site I think it’s actually a good thing. You can still view most channels without registering, but you will not be able to chat or anything. In short, Stickam is a live streaming webcam channel community. Every user can have their own channel where they stream their own video feed. What a person does with their channel is up to them. For example, some people have weekly talkshows, some DJs have daily music, and some people just get online whenever they feel like it yet still establish a following. Basically, as long as you’re interesting, you can establish a following even without a schedule. Furthermore, when people view your channel they can also start streaming their own live video feed in 5 available smaller video spots, making the entire spectacle evermore intriguing.

With regards to popularity, Stickam is quite popular, although not as much as it was during its peak. I guess the main point is that there are plenty of users online any time of day to ensure you will not be bored or have any trouble finding someone new to chat with. The top country of origin for Stickam’s visitors is the USA, but they also get a lot of traffic from other countries all over the world. However, the average user will be English-speaking. In any case, I should also discuss whether or not they have a Chatroulette-style option. In short, they do! It’s called Stickam Shuffle, and yes, you still have to be registered to use it. Some people may not like the fact that you have to be logged in to use it, but this is probably the cleanest roulette webcam chatting option available in terms of not having adult content, so their policy definitely has benefits. But yea, that about does it, you can find the site at www.stickam.com.


Tinychat Tinychat is a live video chat room website and its popularity is anything but tiny. One of the great things about Tinychat is how simple and easy it is to get your own webcam chat room up and running, it literally only takes seconds. If you simply go to their site at www.tinychat.com and click on the instant chat room link, you can sign in as a guest and get your room going just like that – it’s awesome! You don’t have to register or anything, and you get your very own room which also has it’s very own link you can send to anyone you would like. This probably explains why Tinychat became so popular so quickly – people love simplicity.

Although registration isn’t required, you can still register or connect with Facebook and other social media options. This of course allows you to save settings, rooms, etc that otherwise would disappear if you were only a guest. For example, you can save your chat room’s thumbnail picture people will see when browsing the live directory, and you can save the description you provide for your room which may include rules and what not to help keep away those annoying abusive users. Having all these settings / rooms saved also makes it easier for you to build up a following, if that happens to be your goal.

Tinychat also allows you to upgrade from a simple free registration account to a pro account, but as you probably expected this requires you to pay. Of course, upgrading has its benefits. These benefits include “high-quality fullscreen video” instead of “normal video”, the elimination of those annoying advertisements, the addition of “camera filters & effects” (don’t get any of these with free account), badges that signify you’re pro (for those of you who love to just have a symbol of higher status), and a “priority directory listing”, which of course gives your video chat room more exposure. There may be other benefits I left out, but as far as I can tell those are the major ones.

One last thing, there is no Chatroulette-style functionality here, so just be aware if you’re looking for that specifically then this might not be the place for you, although personally I think it would still make a great addition to your chatting habits! So yea, if you haven’t already, make sure you give Tinychat a try.

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