Despite actually being founded after its top competitor Omegle, Chatroulette was the first random chat site to add video into the mix, and that ended up being a major enough difference to where it gained a lot more international notoriety than Omegle ever did when it first came out. Thus, Chatroulette is much more of a household name, despite actually currently getting less visitors a month than it’s top competitor. Of course, it wasn’t always that way, at first Chatroulette got way more visitors, but then Omegle added it’s own webcam option, along with other cool options, and now it has caught up and surpassed its more famous competition. Nonetheless, Chatroulette remains very popular, and seems to be holding steady at its current traffic levels, which amount to millions of visitors a month, so the site isn’t doing bad at all really. Anyway, that’s just a little history / competition info, but I suppose that doesn’t tell you much if you want to know more about the actual features this website provides assuming you’re new to the niche.

Basically, roulette video chatting is a setup where you press “start” or something similar and you are then randomly connected with the first available other user who has done the same thing for a live webcam chat session. However, there is a twist, at any time when you are connected to someone, either you or the person you are connected to can click a “next” button that skips to the next random person available. So, this can either help you out by allowing you to skip someone you don’t want to talk to, or it can hurt you by allowing someone to skip you who you may have liked to talk to. This is the norm, so you just have to get used to it really. Anyway, I personally think the whole concept makes for a fun time, especially when you try pranking people. If this sounds like something you would like to check out, visit the site at